Shopify website design for New York-based streetwear brand Sinclair Global. 

Art direction assistance at Qulture for Marc Jacobs Fragrances 2022 Holiday Campaign.

This project concerns the Parsons 2020 degree thesis, for which I created a website with the aim of better understanding the complexities of identity. Blank offers a space to render heritage into a collective whole through virtual quilting. The project is open to the public.

To start, participants answer a series of questions and share one image, which completes both their virtual quilt tile and their physical quilt tile. By exploring the blank spaces of heritage both digitally and physically, a quilt of collective identity is formed. 

A game of assuming an imagined identity. The tear away booklet is made of randomized identity cards using computer generated names and AI generated sticker faces. Once an AI face has been chosen for a card and a signature has been applied, the identity is ready to be brought to life.